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Right of return / replacement

In the event of a real defect or lack of a contractual property, buyer is entitled, without charge, to ask:

1. repair the product or 2. replace it or 3. defectively reduce the price or 4. withdraw from the sale.


The consumer shall have the right to claim repair or replacement of the product, without any charge whatsoever, provided that:


  • The order is wrongly executed, i.e., another item is delivered instead of that of the order, or a wrong quantity, a defective product, or a damaged package is delivered.

  • The consumer contacts the store within 48 hours after receipt of the product, by calling at +302424024592 or by sending an e-mail at, in order to report the problem and obtain approval for return.​

  • If the product does not correspond to the order, it must have been left unused and kept in its package, in the condition it was received.

  • In any case, the product must be returned along with all original accompanying documents (receipt of purchase, guarantee, instructions for use), and its original packaging.​

  • All returns are done through the postal service indicated by us to our customers and they are chargeable to the store.

Right of withdrawal


The order can be canceled for as long as the order has not been executed and the product has not been shipped, however, it is possible to withdraw after fourteen (14) days from the purchase.

For this purpose you can send an e-mail to In order to be able to cancel the relevant order in time, we will inform you with a relevant e-mail about the shipment of the product.

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