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Add a touch of timeless elegance to your jewelry collection with this stunning handmade necklace in sterling silver. Crafted by skilled artisans in Greece. The high-quality silver adds a luxurious feel, while the intricate design ensures that this necklace will be a favorite for years to come. Whether worn for a special occasion or as an everyday accessory, this necklace is a must-have for any jewelry lover. Order now and enjoy the beauty of Greek craftsmanship in your own collection.

Necklace in Sterling Silver

SKU: KO0109/7002
Metal Color
  • Each unique piece is inspired by the claws of the mythical Harpee, the anthropomorphic monster with the body of a woman and the wings of a bird. This mythical creature, with it’s sharp claws, would grab the souls of the dead and transport them to the Underworld.
    The pieces in this collection symbolize those sharp claws with which the messenger of Pluto (Hades) would take hold of the souls.

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